Saturday, 9 March 2013

Saturday Share - Reading Recs Week9 #KDPBest

Who doesn't love a mystery? Today I'm bringing you two exceptional stories by two hugely talented writers.

Castle Cay by Lee Hanson is a "superbly plotted" mystery that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

When her best friend is murdered, Julie O'Hara, a body language expert, packs up her suspicion and flies to Boston for his funeral. Who could have killed rising artist Marc Solomon, and what does Castle Cay, the Solomon's mysterious Caribbean island, have to do with it? Before long, Julie's sixth-sense pulls a hidden string that unravels a deadly conspiracy...and her own troubled past.

Death Knell: A Birdie Morgan Murder Mystery by J.B. Raleigh is "a twisty, intense mystery that scares, surprises and satisfies".

Nightmares of a horrific car accident haunt Amber, and the scars go deep. As she struggles to regain memories of the past few years, Amber receives a phone call from an old high school friend, a woman who has been missing for three months. The call is disconnected as her friend pleads for help.

With her neighbor at her side, Amber digs into the disappearance, but sinister men are watching and they don't like Amber's meddling. While danger lurks, Amber discovers secrets that may unravel her life.

Someone wants those secrets buried...

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Saturday Share - Reading Recs Week8 #KDPBest

Today I'm bringing you two books by the same author, the Angel Series by Suzie O'Connell. If you're in the mood for romance, these could be perfect!

Mountain Angel (Book 1)

Aelissm Davis figured she would eventually return home to Northstar, Montana, but not like this—out of options, chased to the secluded valley by an obsessive former friend and troubled by memories of her dead fiancĂ©. When a call from her stalker makes it clear he wasn’t deterred, Aelissm asks her overprotective uncle for advice. His decision to send Patrick O’Neil to keep her safe might become an even bigger problem. Pat is a haunted man with a kind smile and sad eyes. Aelissm knows he will leave, but there is something irresistible about him. He could be the best thing to ever happen to her… if she can convince him to stay.

Summer Angel (Book 2)

Escape to the scenic mountains of Montana with Suzie O'Connell's SUMMER ANGEL (Angel Series, Book Two). With characters who will steal your heart, a touch of suspense, and cozy romance, this series puts the happily-ever-after back in contemporary romance.

Or get them both in the  Angel Series Box Set: Books 1 & 2

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Saturday Share - Reading Recs Week7 #KDPBest

Today I'm bringing you two different mystery stories for you to sink your teeth into. Can you guess whodunit?

CLAIMING MOON by John Peters

People are dying in Southwest Virginia, their bodies ripped open, each missing a vital organ. The only clue? Year-old, dead human tissue left at each crime scene. Det. Frank Taliaferro is on the case, but he has to deal with a pesky reporter from the local newspaper – a woman who begins to get under his skin in more than one way. Murder, an ancient evil, and … romance?

A Shot in the Bark: A Dog Park Mystery by C.A. Newsome

Would you recognize a serial killer if you met one? Talked to one every day? Artist Lia Anderson doesn’t, and neither does anyone else who frequents the Mount Airy Dog Park. But a violent death brings Detective Peter Dourson into the close-knit group, and he is convinced someone is not who they seem. As the investigation uncovers secrets, Lia struggles to cope with warring emotions and a killer watches.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

#Review - Big Deal V2: Lesson In Betrayal

The boys are back in mad, manic and mysterious as ever.

I love these books. I really do. They're old-fashioned British farce, comedy crime capers of the first order, featuring a cast of crazy crooks you can't help but love.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

50% Off on ARe - Valentine's Day Only

Quick! Get thee over to ARe and fill up your Kindles. For Valentine's Day only they're doing a 50% rebate on all eligible titles. Find out why What He Wants was the #1 bestselling gay romance in a dozen different countries for only $2.50. When are you going to get a better bargain than that?

In fact, all of my books are included in the rebate. Get the entire Lost Realm series for less than $3, Four Chances for only $1.50 and Danny's Boy for just $0.49! You can't go wrong with that.

All my books are available in PRC (Kindle) format; ePub and PDF, so whatever your device, there's a format for you!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013 Pingback

Not checked out yet? I've recently been blogging about the UK passing Same-Sex Marriage; and I've written an Open Letter to my local MP.

Stop on by and join the debate!

Saturday, 9 February 2013

Saturday Share - Reading Recs Week6 #KDPBest

Today I'm bringing you two books with very different takes on action and adventure.

The Journals of Jacob and Hyde by Randall J. Morris is a whole new take on a Victorian classic. Jake is just a normal kid who enjoys reading bedtime stories. But there may be more truth in the legend than he realised.

The stories became shockingly real when he discovered that he was a descendant of Dr. Jekyll and that he had his own Mr. Hyde living inside him. Driven by a desire to do good, he attempts to hunt down and kill the remaining Hyde monsters. Can he finish off the onslaught of Hyde monsters and keep the girl he loves safe from their retaliation?

SODIUM:1 Harbinger by Stehen Arsenault is pure sci-fi gold.

In 1957, a group of wilderness adventurers are confronted with the unexpected. They are forced to defend themselves against an unworldly enemy. Will man's first encounter with aliens force them to run or will they stand and fight? This is the first thriller in the SODIUM series. Follow along as the unwitting group determine their own fate.